Caché Database System Integration With Squeak

Simon Kirk Simon.Kirk at
Tue Nov 29 12:28:12 UTC 2005

Hi again Ron.

Ron Teitelbaum wrote:

>Thanks for the response.  The VA (US Veterans Administration) uses Caché for
>their medical record system and I would like to attach squeak to that
Nice to know that there's a large-scale organisation like that using 
Caché - you guys will carry considerable clout for getting them to 
change things if needed :)

>It really concerns me that you are having this problem with ODBC on Linux.
>Have you considered their XML interface, or do you think that would be way
>to slow?  
I must confess I didn't know there was an XML interface. However, I 
suspect that it may be a reasonable way to go given a fast enough link 
between the client and server machines, and fast enough client and 
server hardware. Of course I have no quantifiable metrics for this, but 
now you've mentioned this interface I'll probably take a look at it.

>I was hoping to add support by extending their projection classes to
>generate Smalltalk objects, and to connect up using ODBC.  I’m glad you
>mentioned this problem, since I’m running on windows, and I wouldn’t have
>discovered this problem until later while trying to run this on linux.  
Glad to have been of help :)

>I would love to see squeak drivers, have you contacted them about the specs?
I haven't yet asked them about their specs directly. I've dropped a few 
hints in support emails but they've either missed them or ignored them - 
hopefully not the latter as that would indicate that they don't want to 
give them up. Still, that's nothing but guesswork and I just hadn't got 
around to asking them properly yet - so many other things on the go at 
the moment. However if there are two clients asking for the same thing, 
it would hopefully mean they'd be willing to cooperate; I can't really 
see why they wouldn't want us to add to the range of interfaces to Caché.


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