A real forum for Squeak

Ken G. Brown kbrown at tnc.ab.ca
Tue Oct 11 01:09:54 UTC 2005

I wouldn't mind a forum format if there were an option to subscribe to all topics of interest and have complete emails sent out, and vice versa being able to reply to the emails of interest and have them go back to the forum, then everyone could have what they need.

   Ken B. Brown
>Hi all,
> (I don't speak very well English so I'm sorry for mistakesŠ ;-) )
> I'm looking for a forum about Squeak like phpBB (or smallBB??). I think a forum is better than a mailing list because of users can organize discussions by themes and, users can subscribe to subjects or kind of subjects to follow discussions. Furthermore, everybody can easily consult old messages and users with rights can manage the organizations of subjects. If you want more details you can read features of phpBB here: <http://www.phpbb.com/features.php>http://www.phpbb.com/features.php
> What do think about this idea?
> Christophe

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