Actually doing something!

Juan Vuletich jmvsqueak at
Thu Oct 20 16:28:18 UTC 2005

Hi Andreas,

In the MorphicSplitters cs at I 
already created packages for Balloon and BalloonMMFlash. If we are lucky 
enough to have it loaded into 3.9a before you start with all this, you could 
start from those.

BTW, I'm a heavy user of Balloon rendering, in some Morphic experiments I'm 
doing, and most likely as part of the Morphic stewards team. So, I'd like to 
know if you plan any big change to it.

Juan Vuletich

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> goran at wrote:
>> 1. Contact me or Ken if you want to Steward one of the current PIs in
>> 3.9a.
> Consider yourself contacted ;-) I'll sign up for:
> * Graphics
> * Balloon
> * Compression
> * FFI
> I don't think there is any doubt as to my qualifications in these areas 
> (after all I wrote probably half of the code in these packages ;-) but if 
> you have any doubts, please ask. The reason why I am choosing these 
> packages and not others is simply that they are also critical to the work 
> in Tweak and Croquet and therefore deserve special attention on my part.
> In the next step, I'll figure out where to put the master repositories for 
> the above packages (e.g., SqF or Impara, where the latter has better 
> maintenance as far as I am concerned) and look for further people who have 
> an interest in the above areas. If you are interested in any of these 
> areas, please let me know so we can get started. I am *definitely* looking 
> for more people since my time is limited and I would like to have some 
> active co-maintainers.
> Let me also briefly outline my initial plans for the above packages. In 
> the FFI and Compression package, stability and consistency are the most 
> important goals right now. I have no plans to do any major changes, just 
> making sure things work as well (or better) as they are right now. I will 
> request that the FFI be removed from the "basic" image, however. It has no 
> more right to be in a basic image than VMMaker ;-)
> Balloon will see some work. Initially, it will be split into (roughly) 
> three packages: The actual "Balloon" package will consist exclusively of 
> the rendering related parts. The "Truetype" package will deal with 
> TTFontDescription and friends. Finally, the "Flash" package will deal with 
> the flash stuff in there. Since I am not planning to put any effort into 
> maintaining anything Morphic related I am interested in splitting out and 
> handing over the flash package alltogether. If you are interested, let me 
> know.
> Finally, the graphics package. While stability is a major goal here too, I 
> am planning to do some modifications. This includes rectifying the 
> dichotomy between the "regular" and the "multi" text processing facilities 
> and to make sure that "multi" text processing is as fast (or faster) as 
> "regular" text processing. In the long term, this also includes a better 
> approach to scalable graphics (Ned's work with cairo will play a role 
> here).
> None of these issues are any pressing matter, so it'll definitely take 
> some time to get done and I have no intention to declare victory by next 
> week or so ;-)
> Cheers,
>   - Andreas
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