internal or external, that is the question

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Tue Sep 6 20:32:40 UTC 2005


Brad Fuller <brad at> wrote: 
> So... I have not been the only one to suggest this... (makes me feel 
> better that I'm not alone :-) ) I guess I'm just late to the party to 
> add my vote with Göran.

> >Anyway, one idea I have been toying with is to run a Darcs gateway for
> >the main Squeak SVN. I set one up for fun and personal experimentation a while ago - and the
> >tools to make such a gateway have since then improved ( I believe it is called).
> >
> >If anyone is interested in using such a gateway - 
> >  
> >
> Is  the main site to obtain code and docs?

Yup, do try it - it is amazingly refreshing. And I have a server with
6Gb space at that we can use to set this up - or we could use too, but let's play a bit first.

The darcs wiki contains good info on how to set up a gateway, and the ml
is really active - lots of stuff going on.

regards, Göran

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