Traits, OmniBrowser and ToolBuilder

Daniel Vainsencher daniel.vainsencher at
Fri Sep 9 22:08:46 UTC 2005

Andreas Raab wrote:
> Daniel Vainsencher wrote:
>> Traits depends on OmniBrowser (well, if you want to see the traits, 
>> anyway), and OB depends on Morphic. Of course these days, what it 
>> should do is depend on ToolBuilder. Unfortunately, it has some 
>> non-standard morph stuff in it. The non-standard feature can be seen 
>> in the OB "implementors of", when in chase mode, you get dynamic columns.
> Dynamic columns are perfectly supported by ToolBuilder - have a look at 
> the examples at and in 
> particular the FileListPlus example. This provides dynamic buttons (in 
> columns) so you'll get the idea.
Ah, cool! thanks a lot, that'll make things easier.

>> I think putting the OB in the image early in the alpha phase is 
>> important, because we want it to start getting testing and enhancement 
>> before the Traits related aspects come into the picture.
> I disagree. OB (and other major frameworks) should go in "full" not in 
> "basic" as there is nothing basic about them.
Lets break this down, if there's to be a disagreement I want to know 
what it is. I'm not saying that we should allow the OB to become a 
dependency of things in Squeak. So if some strain of Squeak wants to 
exclude it and use another browser, they should be able to. If they do 
use other tools, they'd have to code up their own support for Traits, 
but should find that the support created for the OB is quite easy to 
reuse in some places and copy in others.

What I am proposing is that any images maintained by squeak-dev, and for 
which a browser is available, should contain the OB as the default 
browser, and with the stated intention of some time in the future 
removing the old browser.


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