[noob] Making a PasteUpMorph morph fill its container

Matej Košík kosik at fiit.stuba.sk
Sun Sep 25 08:17:27 UTC 2005

Steve Greenberg wrote:
> As a learning exercise, I'm writing an outliner in morphic (using 
> 3.8-6665 on WinXP).
> For some reason I am unable to make the PasteUpMorph fill the size of 
> the containing widget and have to resize it manually.

If I understand your problem correctly then you can try to look at this.


There are some examples which might interest you.

> To build it, I create a SystemWindow, add a ScrollPane, and then add a 
> PasteUpMorph.  I tried setting the PasteUpMorph's hResizing to 
> #spaceFill, but no go.  I tried sending layoutChanged to everyone in the 
> chain, but that didn't help either.
> Should I be using a different morph for this?
> As a side note, I've noticed that GeeMailMorph exhibits this same behavior.

Matej Košík

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