How does a newbie get past the feeling thay he is trying to understand an elephant whilst looking through a keyhole?

Stephen Davies stephen.l.davies at
Sun Apr 30 15:53:06 UTC 2006

Thanks for all the various responses.  Don't worry, I know what IRC is...

Stef - I didn't know about your videos, which are great - I watched
all of them I think, and definitely learned some things in the
process.  Also came across and downloaded the Squeak CD which has some
books that I will read - "Smalltalk with Style" caught my eye for one.

Laurence - thanks for your practical suggestions, I will look at
Americo's tutorials too.

And Edgar - yes, a specific goal will definitely add needed focus.  I
have an idea for a project, so lets see.

I was thinking a bit more as to why I feel at sea.  In the traditional
scene of static programs - lets say I'm looking at program.tcl, or
program.mod, program.pas, program.rb etc etc - In a language that I'm
not familiar with.  I know what the program is supposed to do,
Comments in the code or my common sense and general experience of
programming will give me a framework in which I can see what's going
on.  The "domain space" is smaller, and the "solution space" is maybe
a few thousand lines of source code.


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