Modularity agin

Dean_Swan at Mitel.COM Dean_Swan at Mitel.COM
Tue Aug 8 17:25:48 UTC 2006

I should know better, but I don't so:

Beta is Beta, that usually means only bug fixes to go from Beta to 
Final/Released.  At this point, my opinion would be that 3.9 is what it 
is.  Fix any major bugs and move on.

Regarding modularity, wasn't there an Idea that future work would be based 
on Craig's Spoon work?  That at least offers a repeatable process:

        1) Start with a "full" image version X.Y-Z, execute some method(s) 
designed to exercize the desired funcionality to imprint a new "minimal" 
        2) Save the minimal image and give it a name/version.

It seems that S-unit tests of some sort would provide the basis for the 
method to imprint the desired functionality.

Is there any reason why this isn't a good path to follow?

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