What does it take to buy in to Squeak (was RE: Stef's departurefrom the SqueakFoundation board)

Peter Crowther Peter at ozzard.org
Sat Aug 19 20:21:13 UTC 2006

> From: Cees De Groot
> Here's another question: why would you want a central governance model
> for Squeak?
> So, all I can see SqF doing is to make sure that people don't
> duplicate too much work, by defining some minimal core, and maybe a
> clearing house for patches or something like that.

In one sense, I would want the central governance to lie exactly in
defining and defending that minimal core.

In another sense, you're absolutely right - I shouldn't be saying there
should be exactly one of these, I should instead be saying to which one
of them I'd lend my support (such as it is) and let the OS market fight
it out.

		- Peter

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