For $150, Third-World Laptop Stirs a Big Debate

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Sat Dec 2 04:12:00 UTC 2006

>> "Seymour Papert, a computer scientist and educator who is an advisor in
the project, claims that the machines will give the children new
opportunities to explore, and "learn how to learn," which he feels is more
important than traditional teaching techniques that simply focus on

Seymour Papert though Logos could enhance learning.  Imagine that -- a toy
that doesn't look like a weapon, a vehicle or a movie star; how successful
could THAT be?

Microsoft's first impression of OLPC, if memory serves me, was that it was a
fine concept but needed to run Windows.  I wake up with nightmares of a
WinCE machine running Bob, and millions of third-world kids learning to play
Sol and use the three-finger salute.



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quote: "While the laptop created by the One Laptop Per Child project has
impressed many with its efficient design, it has provoked doubters who don't
think . . .

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