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Sun Dec 3 19:07:49 UTC 2006

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>Subject: Re: Squeak and Namespaces
>Date: Sat, 2 Dec 2006 23:06:02 +0100 (MET)
>On Dec 2, 2006, at 22:32 , J J wrote:
>>As far as what is the best solution for namespaces, here is my  personal 
>>No new syntax (I think), and it gives a lot more then just prefixes.
>This sounds like it would be realizable with Squeak's #environment  hooks. 
>Are you up to implementing a prototype so we could try it?
>- Bert -

Unfortunately no.  I have no time at all right now (new job, long hours, 
long train ride, new child).  But it seems like that is a problem we all 

I know on mozilla they do a bounty system to get work done.  I know it has 
been suggested before, but who all would be willing to put up at least $20 
for something that needs to be done in smalltalk?  And the more jump in, the 
less it would cost per person.  $10 from 100 people might get some work done 
and might be easier to get then $20 from 50 people.

I know there has been concerns voiced about what happens if the code isn't 
accepted, etc., but other groups do it.  Lets just try it and see how it 

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