2006-12-06 SqF board notes

Craig Latta craig at netjam.org
Thu Dec 7 01:51:49 UTC 2006

Hi all--

     The Squeak Foundation board meets online for one hour on the first
and third Wednesday of each month. Thanks again to those of you who have
submitted agenda item suggestions[1]. Please keep them coming!

     In particular, please submit an agenda item when you want the board
to state a position on some issue. In general, it's unlikely that
everyone on the board will see and discuss a position request in a
squeak-dev message. Also be aware that we may defer some issues to teams.

     Please note we think it's inappropriate for the board to be used as
ammunition in squeak-dev debates. Ideally, no one should need to appeal
to authority to make a point; it should stand on its merits. We realize
that occasionally we'll have to settle disputes, but we hope we can stay
focused on running the foundation.

     At the 2006-12-06 meeting, Bert, Craig, Marcus, Tim, and Yoshiki
attended; Cees was absent.


     This meeting had nine agenda items.

1.   Review previous action items.

          There were two action items from the previous meeting.

     1.1. Craig will get a quote from Foundation Group for incorporating
          the Squeak Foundation in the United States and obtaining
          tax-exempt status for it.

          Foundation Group[2] charges USD 250 for incorporation, not
     including possible state filing fees, and USD 950 for obtaining
     federal tax-exempt status, not including possible IRS and state
     filing feels. The Squeak Foundation currently has EUR 3000; we
     decided to allocate USD 1500 toward incorporation. I have begun a
     discussion with Foundation Group. Marcus will transfer money to me
     so that I can pay expenses.

     1.2. Craig will create a tree of passworded wiki pages for board
          meeting notes and team status reports.

          I haven't done this yet, but have started talking to Brad from
     the web team about editing squeakfoundation.org.

2.   Decide the release team membership.

     We have decided that Ralph Johnson shall lead the 3.10 release
team. We encourage him to choose two others, for a three-person team.

3.   How shall we make future contributors aware their submissions must
     be made available under the terms of the MIT license?

     We decided that the contribution mechanism shall present the
contributor with a notice that contributions must be made available
under the terms of the MIT license, and that the contributor must
acknowledge the notice. For example, SqueakMap could present a dialog
box with this information that the contributor may either accept or cancel.

     While we may suggest further action later, we suspect this will
suffice for creating awareness. Our legal licensing obligations,
however, will most likely go beyond this (e.g., written statements on
file). Stay tuned for that process.

4.   How shall we ensure reliable access to the Squeak website and our
     other servers?

     We anticipate allocating some money to Cees and the box-admins team
to make this happen. He wasn't at this meeting, though, so we deferred it.

5.   How should the community support the release and harvesting
     process? Stephane Ducasse suggests establishing test and build
6.   Matt asks that we consider declaring a documentation policy, in
     which each SqueakMap package has at least a minimal usage
     description, a la the TalkBack package.

     We decided to delegate both of these to the release team, expecting
that the documentation issue may get delegated again to the
documentation team.

7.   What shall we do with regard to merchandising?

     The Squeak pins that Tim had made a few years ago were a big hit;
we're interested in making more. Tim will see if the company that made
them is still around and how much they charge. We're also considering
what we can get made from CafePress. And we're open to suggestions!

8.   List current action items.

     This meeting had three action items.

     8.1. Marcus will transfer USD 1500 to Craig for incorporation

     8.2. Craig will continue the incorporation process.

     8.3. Tim will retrieve the contact info and pricing for the company
          that made the original Squeak pins.

9.   List the next meeting's agenda items.

     Currently, the next agenda is tentatively:

     9.1. Review previous action items.

     9.2. Craig will report on relicensing progress (see [3]).

     9.3. List the current action items.

     9.4. List the next meeting's agenda items.



[1] http://people.squeakfoundation.org/article/64.html
[2] http://501c3.org
[3] http://netjam.org/squeak/contributors

Craig Latta

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