the 3.10 release team

Benoit St-Jean bstjean at
Thu Dec 7 02:09:50 UTC 2006

--- Craig Latta <craig at> wrote:

> Hi all--
>      As I mentioned in the latest board meeting
> notes, we have decided
> that Ralph Johnson shall lead the 3.10 release team.
> We encourage him to
> choose two others, for a three-person team.

Is there any document listing what's planned for this
release or any roadmap for Squeak?

There's something that bugs me a lot these days (and
from what I read on the IRC channel, i'm not the only
one!) and before I start whining, I'd like to see if
it's gonna be taken care of...  If not, I'll post my
suggestion (or rant!) to the list and volunteer myself
to lead that effort...

Go Squeak!  Go Smalltalk!

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