the 3.10 release team

Göran Krampe goran at
Thu Dec 7 08:36:05 UTC 2006

Hi folks!

> Hi all--
>      As I mentioned in the latest board meeting notes, we have decided
> that Ralph Johnson shall lead the 3.10 release team. We encourage him to
> choose two others, for a three-person team.
>      Go team!

...indeed, the race for 3.10 is thus officially on. :)

It is great that Ralph has stepped up for this job - most of us know that
it takes a significant effort and that there are always members of the
community that will disagree with some decisions made - so it can be

Ralph - you are both a long time respected Smalltalker and well known even
outside of the Smalltalk community. I think you have most of what it takes
to get most of us aligned and working together for a good 3.10.

Even if I can't volunteer to join your team (doing so would not be
responsible given my lack of time) I will definitely try to help and do my

And to get a bit more down-to-earth-concrete: I think your posted proposal
lacked information about the Steward teams concept (not focusing on
breaking out packages from the base image but to get teams to maintain
them) and how that fits into getting the general development/release
process formed/defined/working. After having chatted with Ken though I was
informed that you are indeed aware of those ideas etc.

I also felt a slight nervous twitch :) about adding bureaucracy/rigidness
to our development process in general because I in fact think we need the
opposite in some areas. Sorry for being vague here, trying to keep the
post short. Take it as input for more discussions.

regards, Göran

PS. My own personal aims for 3.10 are in priority:
1. SqueakMap work with Brian (and anyone else interested in helping us)
2. Improving Gjallar so that it will become a long term alternative for
Mantis. I need someone joining me in that effort btw.
3. Making my Namespaces code as accessible for testing as possible (with
no expectations for adoption attached). Again if anyone wants to help,
email me.
4. Hopefully contributing in the IO team for the base networking classes.
5. And perhaps getting around to put some work into KomHttpServer and/or
some other packages I maintain.

And of course participate in 3.10 discussions :)

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