Funding (not about finding the funds) (was Re: The website points ... How come?)

Jerome Peace peace_the_dreamer at
Sat Dec 9 03:59:54 UTC 2006

Hi Tim,

You maybe right. And I am glad to see you are THINKING
about funding.
That is the task the board must do. 

The question that always needs asking is "What makes
it worthwhile?" (It's an Alan Kay question so I
believe its a good one.)

Squeak is a small community. The lists are anyway.
There is a grand and growing crowd of young seekers. A
lot of interest is generated and a lot of interest is
turned away by ???

The board has to provide the WILL and a Plan to get
squeak to the future. If the will is to have a lot of
people learning, using, developing squeak and
contributing financial resources. The board has a
central role to play.

What I am saying in my emails is that WHEN the
resources come I wish the board to think of using them
to strengthen the center home page (and vicinity) of because that will strengthen all else
that goes on around the unfolding of squeak into what
it is meant to be.

Thank you for your attention.

Yours in service, -- Jerome Peace

Funding (was Re: The website points ... How come?)
>tim Rowledge tim at 
>Fri Dec 8 05:22:39 UTC 2006 

>On 7-Dec-06, at 9:16 PM, Jerome Peace wrote:
>> Somethings remain more urgent and insistent. We
>> get the board to think about funding news and link
>> maintenence.
>It isn't the board that needs to fund {whatever} it's
*you*. All of  
>you. Until we manage to come up with a way of
charging a micropayment  
>per message send we-the-foundation will depend upon
donations from  

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