Smalltalk Web Host Opens

Chris Cunnington cunnington at
Mon Dec 11 17:17:44 UTC 2006

Smalltalk Web Host Opens

The World's First Commercial Smalltalk Web Host:
    - 60,000 word learners blog with screenshots and Hello World
    - choose your own domain name unlike
    - better server uptime than
    - email support 9-5 M-F Eastern Standard Time
    - host a regular site (Perl/PHP) and incorporate as much Smalltalk as
you like 
    - $29.99 CAD per month

"Possibly, it wasn't simply arrogance, though the PARC researchers did see
themselves as the Davids who were busy slaying the Goliath of corporate
time-sharing computing. It was, rather, something deeper, something that was
probably just a function of human nature. It was a pattern that had already
been repeated a number of times in computing history and would ultimately be
repeated many more times. Even with a strong intellectual grasp of the
consequences of Moore's Law, it has proven almost impossible for the members
of any given generation of computing technology to accept the fact that it
will be cannibalized by an upcoming generation. Many of the PARC researchers
were aware of the computing hobbyist movement, but because the tiny little
machines could hardly do anything they were easy to ignore or dismiss as
toys. Later, Alan Kay took pleasure in poking fun at the Homebrewers by
saying that the hobbyists actually enjoyed their machines more when they
were broken, because then they could actually do something with them."

John Markoff   "What The Dormouse Said", (2005), page 251

Chris Cunnington

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