Seaside Performance, QoS (was: Smalltalk Web Host Opens)

Cédrick Béler cbeler at
Tue Dec 12 08:55:41 UTC 2006

>> I don't know what virtual hosting mechanism
>> underlies the two sites, but I think there
>> is an "apples to oranges" comparision here.
> That has been discussed on the seaside mailinglist too. It uses a
> technique similar to DabbleDB.
> Honestly I don't see how you get anywhere with 32 MB and Squeak/Seaside.
same, and especially, I found the demo very slow (counter, multi) on 
firefox from linux and windows...

just to give an idea, I have a server for 30€/month
( or (same but more 
-160Gb HD
-1go Ram
-up/dw unlimited
-the proc is non standard though (VIA C7 2Gh with material ssl...)
-but of course no support, ... etc...

So, of course, I'm not asking for same characteristics for 
seasideparasol, but at least decent RAM and HD, especially if targeted 
to be multi web paradgm (php, pearl...) and also, a good quality of 
service of the connection...

So more thant a critic, I'd like to have information on performance 
(QoS) with seaside... compared maybe to others servers-side application 
framework (php , java...). I'm too newbie to know that and I'd like to 
see what people thinks...

On the server I mentionned, using a debian, I notice that only hitting a 
seaside app. led to 50-60% proc use. Is it normal ? In this case, how 
many simultaneaous connection could It support ?

On windows (dual core), around 20-30%... I juste closed opened 
Transcripts and cleaned a bit the image... I know there are better 
optimisation. Bur according to your experience, with a prepared 
production image, what could we expect as QoS ? when do we need to load 
balance, how to ? etc ... 

I think this is a very important information especially for people who 
want to enter production. What do do ? what not to do ?
For instance, at the last smalltalk party in Paris, I met a  guy who 
developped in Seaside and who was encountering problem of image frozen 
when load testing (under Linux).

Thanks for any information


ps: I also noticed that using firefox on linux, was far slower than 
using firefox on windows (for the rendering)... which is why I came back 
to windows... (anyway, it's more a problem with Linuw I guess than with 

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