DejaVu fonts with Freetype for 3.9

Andrew Tween amtween at
Sat Dec 16 23:31:53 UTC 2006

I did some work, in the past, on porting the Sophie Freetype font support to
I also extended it to support Sub-pixel anti-aliasing, a.k.a ClearType /

My previous downloads are still available, please see my previous post for

I hope that you find it helpful.


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From: "Viktor Svub" <gilrandir at>
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Sent: Saturday, December 16, 2006 10:35 PM
Subject: DejaVu fonts with Freetype for 3.9

> I've somehow managed to get the Sophie Freetype fonts working (with the
> unicode DejaVu free fonts available at
> ) in a
> Squeak 3.9 image /squeak-web-72, on Win32 VM/, but there are still some
> caveats.
> The FreetypeFont is usable in the whole system, pretty rendered, but it
> misses another emhasis' (can't be bold or italic), the line(glyph?)
> height is much bigger than appropriate for the size given and it can't
> handle national characters (which are present in the original TTF, part
> of Latin-2 aka iso-8859-2 codepage).
> With the same TTF source file and same font size, a HostFont loads a
> proper emhasis for italic and bold and whats most important: handles all
> national characters properly (but it's far not as nice and the italic
> style is virtually unreadable).
> In this stage, i have no repeatable process to make this work, so you
> can try to rip the appropriate packages from Sophie and load them
> (Multilingual-Display, Sophie-FontManager, Freetype-Base and
> Freetype-Fonts at least -> there may be some cross-references and
> Undeclared, you can quietly ignore anything Rome-related).
> I think a can handle the line heights and emphasis issues in a few
> days/weeks, but i would welcome any guidelines, in particular how to
> make the complete unicode working.
> Viktor

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