www.squeakvm.org down ?

Ian Piumarta piumarta at gmail.com
Tue Dec 19 00:28:32 UTC 2006

On Dec 18, 2006, at 2:54 AM, Michael Rueger wrote:

> karl wrote:
>> I can't reach www.squeakvm.org
>> Anybody have any info ?

The server (and its primary DNS) is being migrated to a new  
datacenter with much better connectivity.

(It just so happens that the secondary DNS is down too, purely by  
coincidence, which is why the name is not being resolved right now.   
This doesn't change the fact that the server itself is down and  
unreachable reglardless of the state of the DNS.)

It should be back up shortly.

> the DNS seems to be down.

Secondary effect.  See above.

> <flame bait>
> shouldn't the VM sources be on a community server?
> </flame bait>

I don't understand.  The only difference between squeakvm.org and the  
other squeaky servers is that squeakvm.org is offered completely free  
of charge to the squeak community.  Does that stop it being a  
'community server'?

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