Callbacks from C into Squeak

dan mr.d.poon at
Thu Dec 21 15:47:15 UTC 2006

David T. Lewis wrote:

> Is your Smalltalk VSE code portable enough that you can get it running
> in Squeak? If so, it would not be hard to run a test to see how fast
> it actually goes. We could just hack it into one of the tests that
> I sent you earlier and have one of the Squeak images play the role
> of the Fortran program, sending some dummied-up data to the other
> Squeak doing the "callback."

The code itself is not very portable, since it is part of a very large 
application program (

Have a look at my posts in the context of this thread for an idea of the 
issues we face:

Most of the callback consists of matrix operations dones as primitives. 
The non-matrix operations are done in Smalltalk. As soon as they get too 
slow, which will happen as the complexity of the model increases, they 
will be moved into Fortran.


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