sar or mcz?

Philippe Marschall philippe.marschall at
Wed Dec 27 08:18:42 UTC 2006

2006/12/26, Alan Lovejoy <squeak-dev.sourcery at>:
> Matin,
> I use a .sar for the Squeak version of Chronos, which is available on
> SqueakMap.  One reason is simply that Avi still owns the Monticello-based
> Chronos package on SqueakSource, meaning I can't update it (and by the way,
> Avi only ever uploaded his very initial Chronos port, which will break your
> image unless you are using a Squeak version < 3.7.) But more relevant to
> this discussion is the fact that the "preamble" and "postscript" scripts in
> a .sar make it easy to optionally install some modules (or install different
> versions of the same module) based on the version of Squeak into which
> Chronos is being imported.  I don't believe Monticello supports that
> capability.

Monticello would actually support postscripts and preambles but the
Package-Info version in standard Squeak does not.

Personally I perfer MCZ because it is integrated in our build process.


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> Hi there,
> what kind of installable package files is the preferred one at the
> moment: .sar or .mcz? FYI, i want to automatically execute some code after
> loading the package. I found in a mailinglist, that in a .sar you can state
> this in install/postscript and in a .mcz you can use class-side startup:
> message. But .sars don't seem to be really used - am i right?
> Regards,
> Martin

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