how can I make a thing that can be run?

Kendall Shaw queshaw at
Tue Feb 14 21:02:12 UTC 2006


I'm playing with squeak, and I'm having a hard time getting started. If 
I could make something that can be run by someone other than me, I would 
feel like I had done the "hello world" exercise. So, for example, I'd 
like to know how to make a SqueakPage, or how to make a SqueakMap 
package, or how to download someone else's and read it.

I unzipped the file and I can see some smalltalk 
code in there. At the top it looks like text with mac line endings, and 
I see what matches a description of smalltalk fileOut format, but at the 
end of the file is a bunch of binary data.

Can someone tell me how I can find an entry point into it, so I can walk 
through how it's doing what it does? Or, the same information for some 
other runnable thing?

The web page linked to in the SqueakPage class comment is either binary 
data, or in some non-roman alphabet that I dont' understand.

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