Steward teams

Cees De Groot cdegroot at
Sun Jan 1 14:31:56 UTC 2006

Dear Squeakers,

A happy 2006! May the Gods of Smalltalk finally prevail over the
dark-roasted side this year ;-).

Recall that I proposed, just before xmas, to move from the current
"per-package" team setup (which, in theory, would lead to 10-15 teams
maintaining small packages) to a "per logical subpart" team setup,
where the subsets would be components like "Core Class Library"
(Kernel, Objects, Collections), "I/O" (Files, Network), "UI" (Morphic,
MVC), "Development" (Tools and assorted stuff).

It's been a bit silent on the topic - this could indicate a lack of
interest, an abundance of people enjoying a holiday, or a silent
approval. For the record, Bryce, Brent and Doug reacted in a positive
manner, so so far we have 4 in favor and 0 against ;-)

Anyway, if you approve (or not), it'd be helpful to say so even with a
little "me too" posting. I think it is a simple and quite logical
step, merely fine-tuning what we are already doing, but it could well
be that I'm overlooking something here. And with just three people
publicly backing the idea, it's a little bit thin ice to start
implementing this...

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