[ANN] SmallLint Failure Model

Hernan Wilkinson h.wilkinson at mercapsoftware.com
Mon Jan 2 12:10:10 UTC 2006

>Hernan Wilkinson wrote:

>>     I uploaded to Squeak Map a package to deal with the SmallLint
>> failures. The package name is: Small Lint Failure
>> <http://map.squeak.org/accountbyid/ce6957eb-c5ff-4a6e-a575-a1467238905e/package/25c17dc0-bf31-4215-8ba9-bf0df8157449>
>>     The idea of this module is to declare smalllint failures as
>> expected, so when SmallLint is run again, the expected failures will not
>> appear.
>While I'm not familiar with the Squeak version, Smalllint does have the
>ability to ignore failures. The BasicLintRule class has a class variable
>FilterDictionary that contains a dictionary mapping the lint rule name
>to a BrowserEnvironment of methods/classes to ignore. In the VW, VA, &
>Dolphin versions, there are filter menu options that display when you
>are viewing the lint rule results. There are also options to save/load
>the filters to files. I'm guessing that Squeak is just missing this menu
>options that expose the functionality.
>John Brant

Hi John,
	you are right. SmallLint allows you to filter rules but the solution it provides did not fulfill our needs. Although it may work in many situations, we wanted something more "automatic" and controllable.
One of the problems we found with the SmallLint filters is that it is difficult to know the filters that you created once they are created, there is not way to "annotate" the reason of the filter or who created it, and the most important for us, was that it did not cover "code evolution". For example, one filter might apply today but if you change the code in such a way that the filter does not apply anymore, you would not know it.
The solution we created allows you to write the "expected failures" in such a way that they are part of the class (we use VisualAge with Envy, so it works great when loading different versions of the class), it force you to put a reason and who created it, and it tells you about the "expected failures" that do not apply anymore.
Anyway, we use use SmallLint a lot and we thank you for that!. We created this tool and thought that somebody else could found it useful.


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