[ANN] First SqF board election/rotation!

goran at krampe.se goran at krampe.se
Tue Jan 3 21:59:17 UTC 2006

Hi fellow Squeakers!

As some of you may recall the Coordinators set a deadline at 2006-02-15
meaning the date when we were going to step down "no matter what". At
the time it seemed like ample time for the community to come up with a
good "replacement system", <cough> <cough>...

That deadline is about *one and a half month* away now and the current
SqF board will make *all our seats available* at that time.

First, let me clarify "who is who" on the current SqF board:
	Goran Krampe, original Coordinator
	Cees de Groot, original Coordinator
	Doug Way, original Coordinator
	Marcus Denker, original Coordinator but also original SqF member
	Stephane Ducasse, original SqF member
	Noury Bouraqadi, original SqF member
	Ken Causey, new member of the merged SqF

And "special advisor" (not affected by all this):
	Dan Ingalls

Doug and I are not running for re-election, but the other 5 are. The
board wants to remain the current size (7) so it would be great if the
Election team can produce at least two more candidates.

This means that the Election team has one and a half month to find more
candidates than the 5 above (current board minus me and Doug) and come
up with a scheme to elect (or whatever they come up with) the new board
members. Note that this task is fully delegated to the Election team and
they don't *have* to use public voting if they don't want to etc.

The candidates should be ready by 2006-02-15, the new board starts at
2006-02-21 (overlapping old board) and the old board officially leaves
office at 2006-03-01. This makes it easy to hand off duties etc.

I will write in a second post explaining my personal reasons for
stepping down, but the reasons are pretty straight forward.

regards, Göran on behalf of the current SqF

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