Block Closures

Marcus Denker denker at
Wed Jan 4 15:40:20 UTC 2006

On 04.01.2006, at 15:47, Hernan Tylim wrote:

> Hi,
> I wanted to try some experiments with BlockClosures on 3.9, but I  
> can't find how to make the Compiler to use them.
> For example, If I inspect [Transcript show: 'hello world'] I get a  
> BlockContext instance, not a BlockClosure one. Is that correct ?


> Do I need to do something to start using BlockClosure ?

You need to install the package "NewCompiler", the latest is on  
SqueakSource. Then open the preference browser and enable  
"compileUseNewCompiler" and

Please note that I have not yet used the NewCompiler in the latest  
3.9 (with Traits), so it might not work right now...

Now with the Traits integration done, I will integrate into 3.9 all  
overwrites / extensions needed for runtime that are right now in the  
NewCompiler package. This
will be done next week.


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