Addendum: Long closedown times

Cowdery, Bob [UK] Bob.Cowdery at
Wed Jan 4 22:52:36 UTC 2006

If both systems are up I can close either system quickly. The remaining
system then takes 3 minutes or so to close .. unless I bring up the
other system again when it immediately exits. This is obviously some
network timeout going on. However, making sure Opera is closed before
quitting makes no difference.


> On 1/4/06, Bob.Cowdery at <Bob.Cowdery at>
> Behavior is the same under Windows and Linux using the same image
> my working image).

> You may wish to see how much you can delete from a copy of that image,
> while still retaining the odd behavior. Good luck with it! --Tom
> Phoenix

> Anyone got a white coat, this is just bizarre. I did what you
> by copying my Linux image and then stripping it out. To start with
> was no difference, then suddenly it started to close quickly. I ended
> back with my original image and without touching it, it now closes in
> few seconds! As if that's not bizarre enough I then went to my Windows
> box and that closed in seconds as well. 
> I have heard of quantum entanglement but no one has ever mentioned
> Squeak entanglement! I know it's a smart system but this is spooky.
> Seriously, the only possible explanation I can offer is something to
> with Opera as that is the only thing that could possibly have affected
> both systems.

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