[Esug-list] Getting the Blue book in ACM's Classic Books in Computer Science

Roel Wuyts Roel.Wuyts at ulb.ac.be
Fri Jan 6 08:03:31 UTC 2006

The wiki entry for the book is still empty ( http://wiki.acm.org/ 
title=Smalltalk-80:_the_language_and_its_implementation ).

  We should something there, but I really do not feel like it. Come  
on, who's English and knowledge is up to the task ?!

On 05 Jan 2006, at 10:25, stéphane ducasse wrote:

> It would be excellent to get the blue book
> 	Smalltalk-80: The Language and its Implementation; Adele Goldberg  
> and DavidRobson
> 	Addison Wesley, 1983.
> 	ISBN 0-201-11371-6.
> Please vote!
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>> From: classicbooks at acm.org
>> To: klaus.witzel at cobss.ch
>> Cc:
>> Subject: Classic books program
>> Date: Thu, 05 Jan 2006 02:01:02 +0100
>> Dear Klaus D Witzel,
>> Thank you for your suggestions of candidates for our classic  
>> computer science books list. We've been overwhelmed by the  
>> response and strong opinions!  We have decided to rename this  
>> program "ACM Members' Favorite Books" since it's a better match to  
>> our process.
>> Now I'd like to give you the opportunity to "campaign" for your  
>> favorite book(s). We have set up a wiki for each book where you  
>> can view the comments submitted thus far and add your own.  
>> Specifically, we'd like to know what your experience of the book  
>> was, how it changed your life, what insights it contributed to  
>> your work.  Using the wikis, you'll be able to share these details  
>> with other ACM members. If you've not used a wiki before, one of  
>> their charms is that a community can work towards agreement on  
>> topics via many contributors and editors.
>> The campaign period will begin on January 4, 2006 and end on  
>> January 13, 2006, after which I will be sending out another email  
>> inviting you to vote. You'll be able to vote for one book, 20  
>> books, or any number in between.
>> Again, the goal of this project is to identify ACM's 20 favorite  
>> computer science books and to make the full text of each title  
>> available online to members.
>> Besides having an advocate, the book must be out of print to  
>> qualify. (Please know a book is still in print if its fourth  
>> edition is selling despite the first edition being no longer  
>> available. About 25% of the 600 nominations are still in print, so  
>> if you don't see your favorite, take a look at the In Print list  
>> before sending a complaint.)
>> Please take this opportunity to enrich your fellow ACM members'  
>> knowledge of the great computer science books, by going to the CS  
>> Books Web site: http://pd.acm.org/books/classics/camp.cfm and  
>> share your experiences.
>> Thank you!
>> Dave Patterson, ACM President
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