[ANN] new version of AudioVideoLib available

stéphane ducasse ducasse at iam.unibe.ch
Fri Jan 6 15:28:21 UTC 2006

Hi martin

On 6 janv. 06, at 16:13, Martin Kuball wrote:

> Hi!
> I made a new version of my AudioVideoLib package. It's available from
> SqueakSource at kilana.unibe.ch.
> Before making a first release for SqueakMap I would ask 3 questions:
> 1. I have a script with some code snippets that show how to use the
> lib. How can I include this into a SqueakMap package?

you can open a window at the end of the loading and put in them the  
that you have previously store as class methods for example.

> 2. AudioVideoLib has some classes that need initialization.
> Unfortunately there are some dependencies and the order of
> initialization is important. A test with a fresh image went just
> fine. But I wonder if this was by accident or because squeak is realy
> clever.

I would say that to solve that by design. It is always more robust.

> 3. At the moment AudioVideoLib consists of 4 packages. Do you think
> this is OK or would 1 big package be much better?

Keep it the way you think is the best :).
I like the idea that you have core packages whose frequency of  
changes is lower than
the other packages.

> Martin
> <Examples.text>

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