Dynamic geometry

Hilaire Fernandes hilaire at ext.cri74.org
Sat Jan 7 09:20:15 UTC 2006

Hello all,

You have been very helpfull to answer to several questions I regulary 
post there. Thanks to all of you to be very helpfull and to point the 
direction where to look at to solve my difficulties.

Thanks to your help I did hudge progress in the porting of a full 
complete version of DrGeo[1] in Squeak. Althought not yet distributable 
I have one screenshot I can share with you 

Of course in live situation, all the part are moving dynamicaly and 
external morph can plug in the DrGeo drawable (in the screenshot 
connectors are connected to internal morph of the DrGeo drawable)

I am sure DrGeo II will be one more step toward the dynabook idea for kids.

Happy new year 2006 and great success to the Squeak community.

Hilaire Fernandes

[1] http://wwww.ofset.org/drgeo

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