installing Star Browser on Squeak

Paulo Sérgio Medeiros pasemes at
Sun Jan 8 16:26:48 UTC 2006

Has anyone managed to install Star Browser on Squeak 3.8 through SqueakMap?

Here it's gives an error while installing:

MessageNotUnderstood: UndefinedObject>>methodsFor:stamp:
8 January 2006 2:28:52 pm

VM: Win32 - a SmalltalkImage
Image: Squeak3.8 [latest update: #6665]

SecurityManager state:
Restricted: false
FileAccess: true
SocketAccess: true
Working Dir C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\Squeak3.8
Trusted Dir C:\Documents and
Untrusted Dir C:\My Squeak\Administrator

UndefinedObject(Object)>>doesNotUnderstand: #methodsFor:stamp:
    Receiver: nil
    Arguments and temporary variables:
        aMessage:     methodsFor: '*sbsm-item actions' stamp: 'nk 11/24/2002
    Receiver's instance variables:

    Receiver: nil
    Arguments and temporary variables:

    Receiver's instance variables:

    Receiver: a Compiler
    Arguments and temporary variables:
        textOrStream:     'SMCard methodsFor: ''*sbsm-item actions'' stamp:
''nk 11/24/2002...etc...
        aContext:     nil
        receiver:     nil
        aRequestor:     nil
        failBlock:     [] in Compiler class>>evaluate:for:notifying:logged:
{[^ nil]}
        logFlag:     false
        methodNode:     DoIt
    ^ SMCard methodsFor: '*sbsm-item actions' stamp: 'nk 11/24/20...etc...
        method:     a CompiledMethod (2975)
        value:     nil
        selector:     #DoIt
    Receiver's instance variables:
        sourceStream:     a ReadStream 'SMCard methodsFor: ''*sbsm-item
actions'' stamp: ''...etc...
        requestor:     nil
        class:     UndefinedObject
        context:     nil
        parserClass:     Parser
        cacheDoItNode:     true

Compiler class>>evaluate:for:notifying:logged:
    Receiver: Compiler
    Arguments and temporary variables:
        textOrString:     'SMCard methodsFor: ''*sbsm-item actions'' stamp:
''nk 11/24/2002...etc...
        anObject:     nil
        aController:     nil
        logFlag:     false
    Receiver's instance variables:
        superclass:     Object
        methodDict:     a MethodDictionary(#cacheDoItNode:->a CompiledMethod
(2034) #compil...etc...
        format:     142
        instanceVariables:     #('sourceStream' 'requestor' 'class'
'context' 'parserClass'...etc...
        organization:     ('error handling' interactive notify: notify:at:)
('public access...etc...
        subclasses:     nil
        name:     #Compiler
        classPool:     a Dictionary()
        sharedPools:     nil
        environment:     a SystemDictionary(lots of globals)
        category:     nil
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