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Darius Clarke socinian at
Sun Jan 8 18:01:11 UTC 2006

Is there a voting mechanism on SqueakPeople?

My suggested order of priorities:
1. Add class documentation to the most commonly used, yet still
undocumented, classes
2. Direct in-image posting of problems and logs to Mantis
3. Add a mechanism for audio documentation (either stored in image or
hosted by the foundation with links in distribution, and possibly
multilingual) for even faster stream of consciousness documentation
and later keyed in by those interested (to tackle the learning curve
problem, because I believe more developers will help if more
developers understand)
4. Source code browsers should constantly be prompting the developer
to answer the question "why?" (by a special field or button on the
form, NOT by pop-ups) so that others can benefit from the developer's
thought processes.

5. Supporting the harvesting process
6. Files logic fixing
7. A dependency mechanism
8. Speeding up MC loading
9. Better support for package in the image

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