pending mac vm 3.8.9b8

John M McIntosh johnmci at
Mon Jan 9 04:49:27 UTC 2006

A newly compiled mac vm 3.8.9b8 for os-x can be found at http://

3.8.9b8			There are a number of interesting changes this revision.

				a) We set the working directory via chdir, in the past this might  
have been the vm directory, but sometimes it was the os-x root directory
				This was causes things like the Squeak3D.log to be created in the  
root directory.

				b) We added a routine to resolve squeak files names to host  
platform names and exposed that api in the vm machine interface.

				c) Fixed a bug that has existed since the early days of Alias  
support, say 5 years back. The bug is that if you have a directory  
path, say
				vol:foo:bar:too.txt   and the directory bar does not exist, the  
end result will be a file reference to vol:foo:too.txt, that of  
course is wrong .
				What was happening is that we would attempt to resolve the name,  
find it did not exist, then resolve by path components, when the path
				component lookup failed on directory "bar" we would signal the  
file was not found, but higher up in os-x we would think the file  
name did
				not exist and attempt to allocate the file as vol:foo:too.txt  
which would work...   Now we signal a bad path name error when the  
partial path
				name won't resolve higher up in the chain of path components.    
This does not affect os-9 users.

				sqMacMain.c		Set working directory to vm directory
				sqMacFileLogic.c		Add interface to VM machine interface to expose  
converting file name from squeak internal rep to platform name,
									fix file name resolving bug.
				sqMacFileLogic.h	remove makeOSXPath()
				sqMacUIEvents.h		zero out utf32Code field to remove bogus data
				sqPlatformSpecific.h	remove makeOSXPath()

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