An idea for you say "I don't like it "

Lic. Edgar J. De Cleene edgardec2001 at
Mon Jan 9 12:03:17 UTC 2006


I convinced what the basis for interchanging something in all Squeak forks
is ImageSegments.

This thing what you could produce and have 'sqz' ending the file name.

For SqueakLight , I have a way to load/produce code only.

I have a numbering schema and could load from FileList or by drag and drop.

Files are about 1/4 of size the equivalent .cs and 1/2 of Monticello, so
load times are faster (as all what use slooooow connection discover , is

What I suggest is, if enough people agree on it, is a Class repository
frozed to 6705 level.

And as I was the crazy one, I could do an put on any place as long you send
me private the fpt magic words for doing.

And all should go to here and be compatible or die.

Collateral, I could produce , based in timeStamps , to who belongs each

So for almost 2000 classes and how the last time I read about Squeak value
that was estimated to 1 million bucks, this could be a good form of knowing
to who all should pay and how much.

I should say what I compare with 3.7 for names and implementation.


PS) NavidadMorph was the first try for autosuficient entity crossing the
different islands or worlds what each .image is.


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