About squeak image compatibility (3.6/7/8)

Adrian Lienhard adi at netstyle.ch
Tue Jan 10 09:16:19 UTC 2006

On Jan 10, 2006, at 02:04 , Andreas Raab wrote:

> Adrian Lienhard wrote:
>>> * you actually start using 3.9, in which case you'll have issues   
>>> with porting back stuff to older Squeak versions (this will be a   
>>> serious issue for packages that are and should be used in older   
>>> versions of Squeak - will these older versions of Monticello be   
>>> able to deal with class definition that have been created in 3.9?  
>>> etc)
>> yes, you can load packages built with a MC 3.9 version in an older  
>> MC  version if the package does not include traits.
> Interesting. That's actually really good news. But if you start  
> using traits I presume it's a one-way street?

yes. However (and that is what I actually used for bootstrapping), it  
is quite simple to change MC to do a flat fileout so that if you use  
traits, for earlier non-traits versions of Squeak you can create  
flattened MC packages. Of course, this only makes sense to run the  
code, but not modify it.


>>> Now, I'm not saying that everyone will be affected by (or even  
>>> care  about) the above but if you are in either situation it is  
>>> pretty  safe to assume you'll be severely screwed one way or  
>>> another. Case  in point: Without appropriate fixes Monticello and  
>>> file contents  browser are invariably broken (and so is the VW  
>>> parcel that allows  people to load Squeak code).
>> Do you have examples?
> Examples for what? What I gave you were examples for (and  
> representative for classes of) code that broke and will break after  
> traits integration. At least I believe it's correct that someone  
> needed to fix those tools to make them work with traits. And those  
> examples were given in response to Cees question about what would  
> be affected by traits integration. Well, that code was affected by  
> traits, wouldn't you agree?

yes, sure. MC for example needed work, also fileIn/out to properly  
work with traits. I appreciate your feedback, but was a bit lost with  
"file contents  browser are invariably broken (and so is the VW  
parcel that allows  people to load Squeak code)" - that's why I asked  
for an example of what concretely is broken...


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