[ANN] Tales from the South

Lic. Edgar J. De Cleene edgardec2001 at yahoo.com.ar
Tue Jan 10 18:49:40 UTC 2006

We in the bottom of Earth, survivors of more hot day I recorded history in
Rosario, start our "SummerTeam" this morning, and how members speak Spanish
and doing the first steps in Squeak, we don't use IRC today.

But as we don't wish hide, I resume here and say any person what think is a
beginner, speak Spanish or both, are welcomed.

The activities in the next days.

1) Members start to know how use Squeak

2) We do first in 3.9 alpha 6705 , and any weird thing what happen I send
notice to appropriate members/teams or do mantis report.

3) When the action/code/ whatever finish, repeat the same in SqueakLight

4) We plan do new updated web versions (and refactored code) of my games
TEG, Rompecabezas, one tutorial/educational made in Squeak for final users
about Cats, some others Kom, HttpView, or server exercises.

5) As now SqueakLight have the same Network and Monticello and friends what
3.9 , this could prove if is possible have the same final product with 1/3
of size of .image.
All what SqueakLight do not have, I take from 3.9.

We think what in poor countries like ours , where schools do not have
computers or have old hardware , this have the priority.

I very, very thanks all what help me and all what send hard mail.

We don't wish be in nobody way and believe nobody OWNS Squeak.

So, hasta que volvamos a encontrarnos.

Edgar , Advocatus Diaboli and Portero/Concierge/Door man trying to help,
learn,  have fun.


1GB gratis, Antivirus y Antispam 
Correo Yahoo!, el mejor correo web del mundo 

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