Performance issue

Timothy Reaves treaves at
Wed Jan 11 12:56:27 UTC 2006

On Jan 11, 2006, at 1:34 AM, goran at wrote:

> Hi!
> Timothy Reaves <treaves at> wrote:
>> 	I was going to uninstall RB, to see if that changed things again,
>> but that does not seem to be an option... (ya, let's let them INSTALL
>> software, but don't give them the option of UNINSTALLING it, ya!))
> Which reminds me - I should add "uninstall" support in SM for .mcz's -
> but the reason for this not being available *in general* is because an
> install of say a .cs actually *runs code* (postscript, preamble) which
> typically has side effects (otherwise there would be little point with
> them) and those side effects are of course "impossible" to revert.
> And of course we have the class initialization problem - but I  
> assume MC
> simply assumes that MC packages don't do "bad things" in their class
> initializers.
> regards, Göran

	Does deinitialize get run when a class unloads?  If not, something  
like that should be done.  In that code the class would be  
responsible for undoing anything that might break if the class was  

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