Change sets, images and developing "stand-alone" apps

Rich rjseagraves at
Fri Jan 13 21:50:48 UTC 2006

I'm fairly new to Squeak/Smalltalk, so please forgive the newbie-ness
of this question.

If I understand what I've found online correctly, one can fileOut
various elements that have been developed in the Squeak environment,
changes such as classes in a particular category, or anything done
while in a "project", and the changes will be written to a "change
set", which is if I understand it correctly something like a diff
against the image I started with.

Here is my question:  Suppose I want to develop a web app using
Seaside (this isn't really a Seaside question, mostly I just wanted an
example of a production level application one would develop and want
running independent of their development environment).  I write the
app in a project in such a way that the code accesses/extends Seaside
code, it's dependencies, and whatever is in the Base Squeak image, but
I develop this app in a Squeak environment with the Full image loaded.
 If I want to run my code independent of my development environment,
could I load my project's change set into a Squeak environment that
has the base image loaded, and launch the app from there?

Thank you very much.

-Rich Seagraves

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