Slang: Suppressing 'static' declarations

Stephan Rudlof sr at
Sat Jan 14 00:23:05 UTC 2006

Hello Eddie,

On 13.01.2006 21:56, I wrote:

> A workaround:
> - define the static Plugin's variables as before, but with another name
> as the extern ones (rename the vars in one of these sets), and then
> - assign the extern to the static ones and vice versa via
>   self cCode: 'pluginVar = externVar;'
>   self cCode: 'externVar = pluginVar;'
> or
>   self cCode: 'ptrToExternVar = &externVar;'
> .
> Then the hacked code is small and you are able to use Slang vars.

There is a *much* better possibility (has come into my mind inside a
restaurant after writing down the stupid workaround above).

What about writing accessor methods?

  self returnTypeC: 'int'. "or some other type"
  ^ self cCode: 'externalVar' "int in this case"

setExternalVar: aValue
  self cCode: 'externalVar = aValue' "arg aValue has to be of same type
as externalVar"

Concrete examples are
Mpeg3Plugin>>mpeg3tValueOf: (getter), and
FilePlugin>>setMacFile:Type:AndCreator: (setter).

Hope this helps,


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