Change sets, images and developing "stand-alone" apps

Giovanni Corriga giovanni at
Sat Jan 14 09:55:17 UTC 2006

Il giorno ven, 13/01/2006 alle 16.50 -0500, Rich ha scritto:
> I'm fairly new to Squeak/Smalltalk, so please forgive the newbie-ness
> of this question.
> If I understand what I've found online correctly, one can fileOut
> various elements that have been developed in the Squeak environment,
> changes such as classes in a particular category, or anything done
> while in a "project", and the changes will be written to a "change
> set", which is if I understand it correctly something like a diff
> against the image I started with.

There's a distinction between a file out and a change set.
The former is a dump to a file of the source code of a method, or of a
protocol (a set of related methods belonging to the same class, e.g.
"accessing"), or of a class definition + all its methods, or of a class
category (a set of related classes, e.g. "Kernel-Objects"). Usually the
file out has a .st file extension.
The latter is a set of changes to your image, including changes in class
definitions, methods added, removed or modified, etc. There's no need
for this changes to be related at all: you can change two methods in two
different classes belonging to different class categories, and have both
this changes in the same change set.


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