Quicktime in Squeak

Josh Gargus schwa at fastmail.us
Sat Jan 14 19:25:31 UTC 2006

On Jan 14, 2006, at 12:02 AM, John M McIntosh wrote:

> I wrote a applescript player to interface to the DVD and quicktime  
> player. It's on SqueakMap
> Name:		AppleScript Media Player Interface
> Summary:	AppleScript interface to interface with IDVD and  
> QuickTime, plus manage Squeak
> Author:		John M McIntosh <johnmci at smalltalkconsulting.com>
> Owner:		John M McIntosh <johnmci at smalltalkconsulting.com>
> Description:
> Interface to the Applescript class. Along with the plugins  
> TestOSAPlugin.bundle under os-x or TestOSAPlugin in os-8/9 you can  
> interact in an easier manner, to open a file, quit, enter or exit  
> full screen mode or hide/show the application using Apple's  
> AppleScript programming language.  This changeset also provides an  
> abstract class to talk to media player applications and two  
> concrete classes that support Apple's QuickTime (limited) and DVD  
> Player (fully supported).
> By setting the Squeak Mac Carbon VM to use a floating foreground  
> window you can construct a floating control widget in morphic to  
> control the DVD player.
> .
> However part of the Sophie team spent the day at my cabin by the  
> sea building a QuickTime interface for Sophie. Interested parties  
> should talk to me if they need to see the source early. We are not  
> building a full interface to all the richness of QuickTime, rather  
> the ability to play a movie in a tweak window, either via  
> overlaying the movie onto the squeak window (that works), or by  
> grabbing the bits and sticking them a Squeak Form, hopefully tomorrow.

I'd love to see it once it can grab bits into a Squeak form; please  
announce when it is finished.

Will this be a Windows and MacOS solution?


> On 10-Jan-06, at 5:21 PM, David Brooks wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Can anyone point me to a way of playing Quicktime files in squeak?  
>> I see that: http://people.we.mediaone.net/trade/quicktim.htm is  
>> not there anymore. I tried using the Applescript interface  
>> thinking I might make it work that way, but it is giving me  
>> incomprehensible fits.
>> Cheers,
>> David
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