First SqF board election/rotation!

Cees De Groot cdegroot at
Sun Jan 15 11:29:25 UTC 2006

On 1/15/06, Peter Crowther <Peter at> wrote:
> > From: [...] Giovanni Corriga
> > Do we have candidates which are involved with the Squeakland and/or
> > Croquet project? If not, should there be some?
> I'd be happy to see some more.  Why don't you contact the people you
> know on those projects and ask them directly to stand?

Brent received a list of mail addresses that the Guides contacted as
"stakeholder group contacts" - primary contacts for groups partially
or largely outside squeak-dev that we would contact when something
important happens. I hope this is seen as such an occassion :), so I
fully expect Brent to send out a mail if that hasn't happened already.

But, let that not scare you from contacting people directly. We would
the community at large (and the Elections team in particular) to
actively seek out suitable candidates. The broader the candidate
field, the more people are likely to take part in voting, the stronger
the coming SqF board will be (and yes, I rather have a strong board
with me not being elected in ot than a weak board with me in it, in
case you're wondering ;-)).

Also, candidates often are wary to step up. Which is logical, because
they are risking a bit of face loss (step up and get zero votes -
embarrassing at least). So, if you think someone should be a
candidate, contact him (or her! We want hers on the board as well!),
saying that you think they should step up and adding that you are
willing to publicly support their nomination. A handful of such mails
should usually help people making the decision (see also

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