First SqF board election/rotation!

goran at goran at
Sun Jan 15 12:49:03 UTC 2006

Hi all!

"Peter Crowther" <Peter at> wrote:
> > From: [...] Brent Vukmer
> > On behalf of the Election Team - please speak up if you have
> > candidates in mind other than the current board members!  I just
> > posted a brief article on SqP about this:
> >
> We now (at time of writing this) have three more candidates: Tim
> Rowledge, Craig Latta and myself.  This means that there are, at least,
> more candidates than places.  If you've not checked that page recently,
> I'd go back and take a look.


> However, in my opinion we could still use a wider selection of
> candidates and points of view.  I'd love to get to the point that we
> have at least twice as many candidates as we have places; that would
> start to offer the community much more choice over its future direction.
> 		- Peter

Yes, and I assume you (the Election team) will set up some kind of place
where the candidates can write a short presentation/"base of candidacy"

One simple way is an article on SqP from each candidate, or just a Swiki
page for each somewhere.

regards, Göran

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