What to do with the PlusTools

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Sun Jan 15 22:02:46 UTC 2006

Hi -

Unless you find someone to maintain it, remove the package. I have never 
intended that proof-of-concept to go into the image. That I now find 
bugs assigned to me for a package that for all intents and purposes of 
Squeak-dev I do not and have no intention to maintain, goes too far.

Either throw it out or find someone who takes of it.

   - Andreas

stéphane ducasse wrote:
> hi all
> I think that without an effort (we need help) we will have to remove  
> the PlusTool (ie
> the tools that are using the ToolBuilder framework and this would be  a 
> pity since this is the way to go
> so that we can get Tweak or Morphic) since we have now a lot of  
> duplicated code.
> I'm looking for ideas:
>     - removing the current tool set and losing some of the enh
>     - removing the PlusTool with the risk that this effort is lost
>     - keeping both is not a good idea.
> Stef

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