Making a pluggable primitive - basic questions

Cowdery, Bob [UK] Bob.Cowdery at
Sun Jan 15 22:54:25 UTC 2006

> Tim
> Thanks for the pointers. There seems to be a problem with the swiki 
> but I will take a look when it's up. A few comments in-line.
>> bob,
>> I am in NO WAY an expert here, but this helped me:

>> and this helps from the new blue book with this chapter:


Thanks for the pointers. I was trying to follow your first ref which led
me into trouble as it missed out some things like what to inherit from.
The PDF however was useful and I have managed to create myself a 'C'
file. Of course like everything it's out of data as it inherits from
InterpreterPlugin not SmartSyntaxInterpreterPlugin and the method it
uses, 'translate' no longer exists but I found 'translateInDirectory'
seems to be the one to use. I guess having got my 'C' I now need to
figure out how to build it. We is getting there though..


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