[Q] Removing changes file content.

Sungjin Chun chunsj at embian.com
Mon Jan 16 03:10:37 UTC 2006

Even though after running condenseChanges, I do have multiple  
versions of some method. (I can see this with VersionBrowser). Thanks  
anyway. I'll try more.

On Jan 16, 2006, at 2:24 AM, Lukas Renggli wrote:

>> I might have done something wrong, but after condenseChanges and
>> condenseSources the size of sources file increased as much as changes
>> file. Yes, the changes file is 4k now but total size is not  
>> decreased.
> #condenseChanges just removes the version history from the
> changes-file, so if you have accepted the same method twice it just
> keeps the last version. This should decrease the size of your
> changes-file.
> #condenseSources is something completely different. I guess there is
> no reason that someone wants to do this on its own, unless they are
> releasing Squeak 4.0, that (probably) will be shipped with a new
> source-file. This will not change the total size of the changes- plus
> the sources-file, as the changes will be moved to the source.
> I am not sure, if everything I wrote here is correct, this is just
> what I think these methods do. I need to do a #condenseChanges from
> time to time to reduce the size of the changes-file, because it
> reaches its limits; but I've never done a #condenseSources.
> Lukas
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> Lukas Renggli
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