Good, thorough Smalltalk reference

Giovanni Corriga giovanni at
Mon Jan 16 08:02:20 UTC 2006

Il giorno dom, 15/01/2006 alle 21.51 -0800, tim Rowledge ha scritto:
> > joshscholar at wrote:
> >> Me too. I've yet to find a good reference for all of the standard  
> >> classes.
> >> I don't need or want tutorials, I just want a thorough reference.
> It's not possible to have a 'thorough reference' other than the  
> system itself. As soon as you add, delete or edit a method - which of  
> course happens any time you load a package - it would be out of date  
> and no longer thorough.
> A static bit of paper or pdf is essentially useless as soon as it is  
> written when referring to a dynamic system. You can, certainly, have  
> a fairly static description of the *language* Smalltalk since that  
> doesn't change much. It would be short and not terribly helpful much  
> of the time since you could memorize it in no time. A page or two at  
> most, about as long as a list of C precedence rules.

Maybe we should create a Squeak Application Development Guide.
Such a guide could contain a description of the language, explain how to
use the basic tools (from Browsers to Method Finders to the profiling
tools) and a brief description of the main classes of the system (the
ones which don't usually change every time you load a new package) and
examples on how to use them.
It could have guides to many other tools and packages - Monticello,
VMMaker, Seaside etc, with the most used patterns and development
Kinda like the new blue book, but in sync as possible with the current
Squeak release.

The Foundation could sell paper copies of the guide using a
print-on-demand service such as, as a mean to raise funds.


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