Squeak and bluetooth

Davide Varvello d.varvello at quinary.com
Mon Jan 16 08:23:36 UTC 2006

Hi Alan


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hi Davide,

Le 15 janv. 06, à 18:35, Davide Varvello a écrit :

> Hi All, Alan,
> Everything's fine, the vm sees the plugin if I put it in
> Contents/MacOS/ directory. For my own sake, I also tried with a 3.7
> mac vm (http://ftp.squeak.org/3.7/mac/Squeak3.7-5989-MacOS-Full.sit)
> with no success, of course.

The ObjectiveCPlugin has been written and tested only with unix Mac VM.
I never tried it on the carbon Mac VM and I suspect thatthe problem is
that the plugin
is not located where the VM search for plugin.

I don't think so, I pu the plugin in several directories one at a time, with no luck. The vm can find the plugin but there is an error during the inizialize of the ObjcBridge class. If oyou are interested I can send you the SqueakDebug.log


> Anyway why there is a so old version of ObjectiveCPlugin in the squeak
> 3.7-7 release?

The ObjectiveCPlugin that is in the unix squeak 3.7-7 vm is a very old
one made originaly
by Marcel Weiher. in march and april 2004, I decided to rewrote from
scratch the plugin.

and I thank you for the effort.

After that Avi Bryant and Todd Blanchard joined the project to add
several features like
callback, browser with cocoa look and some other.
I remember a mail with Ian Piumarta about this plugin and it must be
removed (the old one)
to be replaced once the new plugin has been a little more tested but
time and interest
for this project has decreased ... but I don't desesparate to have a
full cocoa squeak
one day. 

so do I.

Now I am more involved with embedded programming in C :-(




> Thanks
>  Davide
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> Davide Varvello
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> Hi Alain,
> I tried and it works thanks, I downloaded this (http://
> www.squeakvm.org/unix/release/Squeak-3.7-7.powerpc-apple-
> darwin7.8.0.tar.gz) vm, I saved Avi's ObjectiveCPlugin in the
> directory of the image and it works fine.
> Now I'll try a this (http://www.squeakvm.org/unix/release/Squeak-
> vm-3.7-7.dmg) vm, put the ObjectiveCPlugin in the Contents/MacOS/
> directory and feedback you.
> Thanks
>   Davide
> On 10 Jan 2006, at 19:09, Alain Fischer wrote:
>> Hi Davide,
>> If you want to try the Objective C Bridge, take a look at this thread:
>> http://lists.squeakfoundation.org/pipermail/squeak-dev/2005-May/
>> 091490.html
>> It worked nice last time I tried.
>> Let me know if it work for you.
>> Alain
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