Seaside vx Ruby vs Ajax vx ?

Brad Fuller brad at
Mon Jan 16 18:24:49 UTC 2006

Blake wrote:

> I'm working on an article on Seaside for DevSource (which is oriented  
> around Windows programmers, but which the editors have also found 
> that  actual code, regardless of platform, is more attractive to 
> readers than  anything else) and was wondering if anyone here had any 
> experiences they  wanted to share on using Seaside versus using other 
> technologies.
> It appears to me that all these technologies are primarily concerned 
> with  preserving state in the stateless environment of the web. Is 
> there more to  it than that, really?
> Also, is there an advantage, do y'all think, in Smalltalk having a 
> plug-in  VM? That is to say, do you think it's easier to segue from 
> Seaside to a  rich-client type experience in Smalltalk than these 
> other technologies?
Speaking of Ruby, etc.... Ruby and AJAX are receiving more and more 
press these days. There was an article this weekend about Michael 
Arrington's site: TechCrunch ( entitled "Web 2.0." 
Ajax and Ruby were mentioned. Although it was a business article and not 
technical in nature, the press seems to be piling up for these two.

 From I get a clearer 
overview of AJAX. Is there a FAQ on the plus/minus of Seaside over Ruby 
over AJAX? I think this has been discussed  briefly here (see thread: 
" idea to squeakize! and "LiveWeb") and this is informative:

Why should someone choose/not_choose Seaside over the buzz of today 
(Ruby or Ajax.) If there are clear advantages, or even specific 
advantages for web developers in certain situations, it would be nice to 
get the word out.


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