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Lic. Edgar J. De Cleene edgardec2001 at
Mon Jan 16 18:27:02 UTC 2006

Yanni Chiu puso en su mail :

> A long time ago, I wanted to download something mentioned
> in this list. However, the group software required that I join
> the SqueakRos list. The message volume was low, until recently,
> so I never bothered to unsubscribe - even though I can only
> get a dim idea of what's being said (i.e. there's a lot of
> commonality across English, French, Spanish).

Well, are few, lazy, and talk about not only Squeak in Rosarino (what Spain
people say is not Spanish)  :=)

But welcomed English speaking people.
> It would be good if you could post an occasional summary
> here, of what's going on in SqueakRos. Or, maybe submit
> something to "The Weekly Squeak".
> BTW, I tried SqueakLight3.8.1 but it seems that it does not
> have (out of the box) the ability to reach SqueakMap. Also,
> the naming (i.e. 3.8.1) may cause confusion if there is a
> Squeak 3.8.1 release.
Yes, I have many plans and unfinished things.
I training a girl to take the Coordinators role.
I do not promise English report as regular basis, but we see if one each two
months is possible.
If you have the ftp address, all change there.
The SqueakLight current is 3.7.5, the 3.8.1 was only a trial, sorry.

I do a clear page about how all masters before me help, the actual affairs
and future plan.
What I could say today is.

The all swiki and blog what we use for day work is a SqueakLight
supercharged and of course not so light (but still half what ready to run
images delivered by Seaside people or SmallSwiki2 as example)

Today, 3.7 part reflex the 3.7 origin, but could load 3.8 or 3.9 code.
Use the same SqueakV3.sources what regular Squeak (older SqueakLights no,
and I think was one mistake)
Have the same Network and same Monticello and friends of 3.9 alpha.
IRC inside.
Play mp3 by drag and drop
Read html and iCab files by drag and drop.
Its the nicknamed "CatBag.image"  when you and others find me in Squeak

I polishing what I call "emporwements", image segments what  have the
minimal code if loaded lets you have some funtionality.

Today, by loading one of this VMMakerEtAl.2.esqz of only 68 k, and then the
recent .cs sended by John Mackintosh , I could watch QuickTime movies in OS
X separate windows.
Or doing 

"Applescript terminal"
self doIt: '
tell application "Terminal"
do script  "cd ~/SqueakDevelop
    grep -l ''Morph'' *.st "
end tell' 

And have all Unix at hand.

I have MorphicWrappers, SqueakAmp, StarBrowser, emporwements.
The reason by do not have a SMLoader is at this point some could not load or
need a couple of days me researching why not and what is the minimal code SL

Spoon is a superior model, but I hope all my work could end in a clear map
of how going from Spoon (the minimal) to SqueakLight (the usable one
project, no eToys) to Squeak X.y full + all SM what you dream.

I put the  SqueakLight.3.7.5,zip and all  what I made in my ftp.
But don't cry if something not work !!!

Be patient :=)



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